Zack Hewitt – Host

Thank you for sharing your Christmas with me!  I’m Zack, and ever since I witnessed my dad on the roof standing up cut-outs of Rudolph and Santa back up after they fell over during a windstorm, I’ve been in love with Christmas.  After 7 years of designing Christmas light animation displays at the Calgary Zoo, I turned my Christmas energy into sharing my favourite day with all of Canada, on the radio

I’ve been on the radio since 1997, and I’ve spent time working in Fort McMurray, Sudbury, Brockville, St Catharines and Calgary.  Currently, you can catch me on Q107 Calgary, Big 105 Red Deer and spend New Years with me in Kelowna on Q103!

Christmas Canada Radio stands for one simple principle; share Canadian’s love for Christmas and music, with other Canadians.  Thank you so much to our singer friends who have believed in us, and shared their stories.  Thank you for sharing with your friends our APP and online station.  And Thank you to all of the radio stations that believe in sharing our amazing Christmas Show.

Merry Christmas, Canada!

Shane HewittZack Hewitt – Host