Lexi Strate

Rich, rasp-filled, and sensually soulful, it’s hard to believe that Canadian emerging pop artist – Lexi Strate – has uncovered such a mature and seasoned voice at the age of 22. Then again, one might expect it from a teenager who locked herself in her bedroom those influential years to learn YouTube covers. A small town girl with big dreams, Lexi simply hasn’t had any time to waste.

 Now, as she closes in on a momentous tipping point, the Alberta-born songstress is ready to show off her evolution – and with thousands of subscribers cheering her on.

 Winner of the Virgin Radio Star Competition in 2012, Lexi won the opportunity to travel west and record her first single, “Turning Point” in Vancouver with chart-topping songwriter Mike James (Kelly Rowland, Kreesha Turner, Shilo). The song debuted on Edmonton’s 104.9 Virgin Radio – winning Astral Media’s Breakthrough Artist within only a month – and began receiving national airplay across Canada. As she built momentum, Lexi’s next track “Unstoppable” was featured on CW’s TV series “Beauty & The Beast”, and by January 2013, she had released her next single, “All For You” into the radio world. A collaboration between songwriters Mike James, Stef Lang (Mr. Immature), and Davey Badiuk (Dragonette), Lexi again went on to receive radio play across Canada and the song was featured in the hit TV Sci-Fi series “Continuum”.

 After plugging into the Vancouver music scene, Lexi began honing her songwriting skills under the mentorship of world-class producer Jeff Dawson (Danial Powter, Kelly Rowland, State of Shock, The Dudes) and top #10 Canadian recording artist Laurell (Can’t Stop Falling, Unbreakable). Toting her favourite albums with her (Dallas Green, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Adele, Jan Arden and Maroon 5) and pages of hand-written notes, Lexi fearlessly focused every songwriting session towards her artistic discovery.

 All the hard work was worth it. With urban-pop beats providing a foundation for iconic throwback influences of Paula Abdul and Diana Ross eras, Lexi has created a sound that is both familiar and new. Compared to the likes of Jesse J, Rihanna, and Pink, Lexi holds a tonal character that stands all on its own. Composing melodious, hook-filled lines with her pen scrawling rebelliously fun, unapologetically nostalgic lyrics, the songstress has unearthed from within the very voice and heart of her music.

 A face as stunning as her voice is sultry, Lexi’s sugar and smoke combination captivate audience after audience. Performing since the age of 12, Lexi has stood in front of thousands across Alberta, gracing numerous venues, hockey arenas, and most recently opening up for artists like Virginia To Vegas,The Sheepdogs, and The Trews (who asked Lexi to join them onstage across Southern Alberta to perform Serena Ryder’s parts on “In The Morning”).

 Hands Up! Music, who quickly jumped on board and are currently finishing Lexi’s debut EP. The first single off the highly anticipated release, “Antitode”, is a is a gritty Brittish-sounding pop song with infectious vocal hooks and a behind the beat swagger that can’t be ignored.

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