Zack Hewitt – Host

Thank you for sharing your Christmas with me!  I’m Zack, and ever since I witnessed my dad on the roof standing up cut-outs of Rudolph and Santa back up after they fell over during a windstorm, I’ve been in love with Christmas.  After 7 years of designing Christmas light animation displays at the Calgary Zoo, I turned my Christmas energy into sharing my favourite day with all of Canada, on the radio

I’ve been on the radio since 1997, and I’ve spent time working in Fort McMurray, Sudbury, Brockville, St Catharines and Calgary.  Currently, you can catch me on Q107 Calgary, Big 105 Red Deer and spend New Years with me in Kelowna on Q103!

Christmas Canada Radio stands for one simple principle; share Canadian’s love for Christmas and music, with other Canadians.  Thank you so much to our singer friends who have believed in us, and shared their stories.  Thank you for sharing with your friends our APP and online station.  And Thank you to all of the radio stations that believe in sharing our amazing Christmas Show.

Merry Christmas, Canada!

Shane HewittZack Hewitt – Host
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Ashley Hinton – Host

Thank you for having us be apart of your holidays.  This is my absolute favorite time of year. In fact, my career goal is to one day be Mrs.Claus. Not too sure about the legalities of it but a girl can dream! Until I can acquire a full time permanent position in the North Pole, you’ll hear me doing the Mid Day Show on WILD 953 – Calgary’s New Country!

The thing that I love the most about this time of year, is that it brings out the best in people. We (hopefully) get to spend a bit more time with the ones we love and well, EGGNOG. The music that you hear on Christmas Canada Radio brings back so many memories of early Christmas mornings as a kid. Waking up at about 5:30, Mom and Dad putting on the coffee and while they waited for it to finish brewing my brothers and I got to open up our stockings. After the living room was filled with the glorious mess of Christmas morning- Dad started cooking, Mom started cleaning and us kids passed out haha.  Like with your family, it’s those little memories and traditions that make everyone’s Christmas unique and special. We hope to become a small part of your Canadian Christmas tradition.

Thank you for listening and Merry Christmas!

Shane HewittAshley Hinton – Host
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Rob Kealy – Producer/Writer

Rob Kealy was born in the bustling metropolis (that’s a joke) known as Chetwynd British Columbia and spent most of his childhood bouncing around between various small towns in the B.C. interior. Not surprisingly, he grew up to want more from life and made his move to the big city, becoming the production and radio professional with over 10 years experience he is today. Rob is known for his keen ear (well, both of them are rather keen, actually), creativity, passion and skillful work, and has produced countdowns heard all over North America while working in some of the largest and most competitive markets in the country.

Rob creates amazing production for radio stations all over Canada, include the JACK FM franchises.

Shane HewittRob Kealy – Producer/Writer
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Jody Seeley – Artist Relations

Jody Seeley loves community, radio, country music and Christmas.  She lives in Southern Alberta with her husband (Bryce) & son (Kaiden), her furbabies – cat (Cali) and dog (Cuda) and for 24 days a year in December – an Elf from the North Pole named Elfina.   And just when you thought this was enough to keep a girl busy she adds a bit more.  Her love of pure, safe and beneficial products resulted in a Health & Wellness business with Arbonne International where she’s a District Manager & Independent Consultant.

“I am so excited to be part of this Christmas program in Canada.  Sharing stories and Christmas music with you will be so much fun!  You’re in for a real treat with our special guests this year.  I have never felt more patriotic than being part of this amazing team and this awesome show” says Seeley.

Outside of Christmas Canada Radio, Jody is one of the darlings of the Country Music scene in Canada and Alberta.  She is actively invoiced in the Alberta Country Music Association and sharing great artists with the world.


Shane HewittJody Seeley – Artist Relations
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